Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day of School

Well, I took an unintentional break from blogging, it seems. Summer got pretty busy there. I did have a couple of posts come and go from my mind, but couldn't seem to get enough time to sit down and hash them out. I'll need to work on a routine for that. But here we are. Its the last week of August and we started back at the school work again today.

I wish I could say it went great. But, alas, I must speak the truth. Not that it was terrible. But the kiddo certainly did not have the attitude I would prefer toward the work. It started right off the bat with math. I really think he's going to enjoy the new approach when we get further along. But he was, shall we say, less than thrilled with the very basic place we started with today. Unfortunately, he also showed me, as he had to count for some of the facts, that is exactly where we needed to start. If we could just get past these facts I know he'll love math. He already does, actually. His complaint was that he wanted to do some harder problems that he saw further in the book. But because those facts are still not solid, those wind up not being as fun as he wants them to be - and we melt.

What we need is some focused attention. That is the character habit we want to work on this year. Last year we worked on diligence/work ethic in both schoolwork and chores. He's come a long way, but that lack of attention to work he really doesn't want to do gets in his way. It really goes hand in hand, don't you think? While he's come to realize that he just has to do it, and will. That lack of attention really affects the end results of the job. Either he can't remember later what was read or studied, or he'll miss  details of a chore, leaving a job poorly done. I believe this is why he still lacks rapid response or recall when it comes to those basic facts.

So, we persevere. Math facts and phonics rules it is - again. But, tomorrow is another day. And we get to do history and science tomorrow. We both enjoy those. And I must say he did fabulous on reading today. He actually told me that the Second grade reader we're using was too easy. Really??? Yes!

The schedule:
M-F at breakfast: Bible study and hymn
        walk, ride, exercise
M-Th about 9:30: Professor B Math, Learning to Spell through Copywork, Reading
        10 minute break
Mondays: geography, grammar, poetry
        Lunch, artist/picture study
Tuesdays: history, science, typing
        Homeschool PE class
Wednesdays: history, grammar, composer study
        Park Day!
Thursdays: history, science, typing
        Lunch, personal development (Prudence and the Millers chapter)
Fridays: math review as needed, oral spelling exam
        Project day, rotating Webelos projects, field trips, drawing, nature study, Spanish practice with a friend
        Grocery Cart Math when he accompanies me to the grocery store (Friday or Saturday)