Sunday, June 24, 2012

Its Summer!

Finally we get to summer. Once we hit May, the kiddo couldn't wait to get here. Thankfully we finished up everything but Geography the last week of May, and he likes Geography, so that's not a problem. He would love to go travel on a vacation, and also visit the grandparents and the cousins. And it may happen that we can. But I'm not counting on it. The husband retired from the military six months ago and is still looking for employment. But its still summer, and there is plenty of fun to be had right  where we are, right?

Now we do not do year-round school, but there are some things we carry on through the summer on a very relaxed and flexible routine. Of course with math being the favored subject that it is, ahem, we are doing games and activities from the book Family Math. To keep up with writing, he's writing letters and I intend to have him write my grocery list each week, or a portion of it. So far he's written a letter to our Compassion child and to Grandmom. And of course there's reading, reading, and reading. We're using the Barne's & Noble reading log this month and plan to use a reading log from Half Price Books in July.

But its summer! And Dad's here! That's something this military family hasn't had for a while. Now Dad's not just hanging around the house. He is finding short-term jobs here and there and finding plenty of ways to keep busy. But the kiddo is really enjoying having Dad around. They started a big project of building a tree-fort in the backyard. That will be awesome. Every Wednesday is park day with the local homeschool group. His PS friends are home and available to play. The library puts on some interesting programs. There's the local pool and volunteering at the food bank . . . Yeah, we're not going to be bored.

I probably should add that, for us, its summer in Texas. And we have hit it. This is the time of year I am sorely tempted to become a slug and hide out someplace cool. Many of the outdoor activities are happening in the morning. The husband waited as late as possible to mow today during the last shreds of daylight, and was still dripping. So any excitement I muster is gleaned from the kiddo's enthusiasm. ;) Spring is more my season. But the kid loves summer, so bring it on!

So, what's your summer routine? Any big plans? Share with us what your summers are like.

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