Thursday, January 30, 2014

Spoke Too Soon

I marveled in my Year 5 post that everything was working wonderfully and we wouldn't be making any changes. Well, here I am to eat those words. Its really nothing major, just a pause, I think. Teaching Textbooks' spiral approach was moving a little too quickly through multiplication and we were having to repeat lessons multiple times with some tears and arguing with the computer. As ds was crying over the third time going through a lesson, I realized that after just two more lessons TT would be moving on to division. That certainly was not going to work.


So, we have set that aside for now. I've made a list of links in ds' bookmarks (found in Easy Peasy math 3 & 4) with activities to review some concepts I felt he hadn't spent enough time on, like fractions and word problems. And he is working on multiplication facts using Timez Attack. Math is pleasant once again. And in a few weeks we will resume TT, picking up where we left off. Now the problem is getting him to stop doing math long enough to work on some other subjects. I'm good with that.

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