Thursday, January 16, 2014

Ted Talk: School is Optional

This inspires me.
You will have to click the link. I can't get the right video imbedded to save my life. The above links to a TEDxTalk entitled "School is optional" by Ken Danford. He does not mean working, learning, growing, and maturing are optional. "School" as in the brick & mortar building we go to in order to sit in a classroom to be taught - that is optional. In other words "School" is not the only way to work at learning, growing, and maturing. You don't have to reach a certain age or achieve a piece of paper before you can begin finding your interests and passions and living your life doing those things.

This is something I tell ds from time to time and hope he will come to understand. He has spoken of possibly going to school for high school. If he does choose to do that, I aim to support him in that endeavor. But I want him to make an informed choice and know that is not his only option. That is why I've started this Pinterest board, collecting the many options we are blessed with in the area we live. This also will help me as we move into and through the middle school years to make sure we focus on what he will need to study by the time 9th or 10th grade comes around in the event he chooses public, private or charter school at that time.

He is not at all ready to even think of that yet. Right now its still a challenge to get him to think beyond video games and sports. Yup, life is all about the fun stuff. Oh to be a kid again.  ;)  But, I have no doubt he'll be ready when he needs to be ready to think about what he wants to do with his life. In the meantime I will enjoy him where he is as I help him learn how to put words together into coherent thoughts that communicate to others clearly, and understand how numbers work in life. We're taking it one step at a time.

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