Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Year 5!

And now on to what we are doing this year. And can you believe it, we're halfway through it and I'm not making any changes. Nope, its all good and we're sticking with it. I think that is a first!

So, first a little background before diving into the list. One of my goals for year 4 was to have him - I think I'll just start referring to him as ds as he's getting a little old for kiddo now ;) - ds, do more of the reading. Well, that was met with a little drama. All. year. long. "What? I have to read it?!" Along with this I realized we really needed to utilize audio and video more for his learning style. So I went in search of how we would do that. I could go on in some detail about that, but I'll cut to the chase. Can I just say that God is amazing. I really believe it is his provision that led us to Easy Peasy. Have you heard of that one yet? One of my biggest challenges in switching materials was matching up history, and Easy Peasy picked up right where we had left off. We are still using living books, with the audio and video and some interactive games all included. I'm still blown away when I see all the work that has gone into developing this free online curriculum and that it is just exactly what we needed.

  • Bible (Mon-Fri) - We started the year off with the SCM study of Hebrews, read A Case for A Creator for kids (which I would not recommend), then went into some Advent devotions. We are now following the Easy Peasy Bible reading plan, starting with the book of John.
  • Math (Mon-Fri) - I decided to present some options to ds and let him choose a math program. He chose Teaching Textbooks - currently using Math 4.
  • English/Grammar (Mon-Fri) - Easy Peasy English 3, continuing to use SpellWell B for extra spelling practice, and he's learning cursive this year with SCM's Print to Cursive Proverbs book. We'll finish out the year with some cursive copy work from CopyCat (free online).
  • Foreign Language (Mon-Thurs) - continuing some lite ASL using a DVD we found on Amazon (Everyday ASL), YouTube videos, and also Signing Saavy.
  • Geography (Wednesdays) - reading through two more H.C. Holling books, Minn of the Mississippi and Paddle to the Sea, and My World by Ira Wolfman.
  • History (Mon-Fri) - Easy Peasy Modern American History along with TruthQuest American History III commentary, and other books along the way.
  • Science (Mon-Fri) - Easy Peasy Chemistry and Physics.
  • Literature (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri) - in addition to what he's reading for English, we're reading/listening to Rip Van Winkle, Railway Children, Pilgrim's Progress in Words of One Syllable, Call of the Wild, Robinson Crusoe, Kidnapped, Men of Iron, and The Comedy of Errors by Shakespeare.
  • Character Study (Fridays) - a chapter of Created for Work, by Bob Schultz, each week.
  • Art and Music Study (Tuesdays & Thursdays) - Easy Peasy again, Modern Art and Modern Music. He also received a guitar for Christmas and will begin lessons this week or next.
  • Computer (Mondays) - we're using TypingWeb for keyboarding, and combined Easy Peasy computer courses (levels 3&4) to learn/review some basics of Word, Internet, and Power Point, and beginning programming.
  • Thinking (Fridays) - Learning to play chess, got that link from Easy Peasy Thinking Level 3, later in the year we'll use some logic games from Level 4.
There you have it. That is what we started the year off with, and will continue through with no changes. And I have Year 6 in the works. Coming soon.

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